Introduction to Art Making – Week 3 – Writing Prompt – “Mail”.

Q: What is the most remarkable thing that you’ve gotten in the mail? Describe what it was and why. Draw as quick sketch of this object.

In terms of the most remarkable thing that I have recently received in the mail, that is easy, because it is rare that I receive anything at all ☹️.

I must have been a horrible father, because in nearly 3 years living behind steel doors, I have received two letters from my 17 year-old son, three letters from my 15 year-old daughter and zero…

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Introduction to Art Making – Week 3 – Creative Response.

Read “Blue of Distance” by Rebecca Solnit. Write down one question and one observation you have after reading “Blue of Distance.”

Question: If blue is a color of emotion and desire, is grey then the color of stagnation and hopelessness? If so can the a lack of blue serve as and excellent mans of torture?

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