LeCiffre v. Exley | Original Verified Complaint

Did four Colorado Springs Police Department homicide detectives (Exley, Aulino, Aragon, and Lehukuhl) conspire to frame Jean-Joseph LeChiffre, and to violate his rights to Equal Protection of the laws? Did those detectives do so because of LeChiffre’s support of the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and of his support of the call to defund the Police? Was the conspiracy driven by LeChiffre’s former legal representation of the so-called “Bad Boys”[LeChiffre v. Exley #52], including Rosario Gambino (alleged Sicilian Mafioso); Aleksandr Litvinenko (FSB Russian Agent); Pavel Lazarenko (Former Prime Minister of Ukraine); and alleged members of various international criminal organizations? [LeChiffre v. Exley #36]

Did those same homicide detectives, and other CSPD officers violate LeChiffre’s right to equal protection for the financial benefit of Mark Anthony Sandoval, [LeChiffre v. Exley #620], retired CSPD officer to whom they had a binding duty of “loyalty” and “unity”, based upon the “Thin Blue Line”? [LeChiffre v. Exley #176].

Did Mark Sandoval’s friend and employee, Jennifer Martinez [LeChiffre v. Exley #567] conspire to frame Jean- Joseph LeChiffre in return for the “sale” of a house in Colorado Springs by Mark Sandoval and Marcella Sandoval to Jennifer Martinez’s son, Rudy for a below market price? Was the deal sweetened by the “sale” of a house in New Mexico by Mark Sandoval and Marcela Sandoval to Jennifer Martinez and her Husband, Xavier, For an undisclosed “consideration”? [LeChiffre v. Exley #543] and [link g].

Did Mark A. Sandoval rely upon the “Thin Blue Line” in order to: (1) protect himself from the stigma of being identified as a “suspect” or “person of interest” [LeChiffre v. Exley #453] in the homicide of his father, Gilbert Sandoval; (2) gain absolute control over Marcella Sandoval’s 10 million dollar estate [LeChiffre v. Exley #338]; (3) protect his mother, Marcella Sandoval from arrest and prosecution [LeChiffre v. Exley #108]; and (4) satisfy his need for vengeance against his favored younger brother… LeChiffre?

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